To tackle the issue of sectarianism, which is an ongoing problem in Iraq, UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa (Najaf, Iraq) in partnership with George Mason University (Virginia, U.S.A) and Rutgers University (New Jersey, U.S.A) worked together to create an educational program that seeks to improve interfaith relations between communities, especially among youth, which is needed to create a more peaceful future for the country. This program was sponsored by US–Iraq Higher Education Partnerships Program | IREX.

This project included youth based interfaith activities, and the creation of materials that aimed to minimize the appeal of extremism by increasing awareness of Iraq as a multi-faith society and by pulling together a community from regions where there is evidence of religious and cultural divide.

Youth who participated in the Interfaith and Intercultural Youth Camp came from various universities across Iraq.  They were trained in practising religious pluralism in an environment where controversial topics relating to religion can be discussed in an atmosphere of respect.


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