A New Book Of The Series “Studies Of Thought” Issued By The University Of Kufa

In this book, an academic thesis in the field of political sociology, Dr. Ali Taher al-Hamoud seeks to examine the nature of the response of the Shiite Arabs to the requirements of governance on the one hand, and dealing with heritage on the other. The author is interested in answering questions such as “What dynamics of disconnection and communication between Shiites and the other (sectarian and nationalist)? And what is the contribution of the Shiites to building the nation-state in Iraq success and failure? ”

The symbolic fall of the dictator’s statue on April 9, 2003, was a defining moment in the history of Iraq, and the Shiites in particular. It was the opening of endless questions about the nature of the image of the regime and the position of the Iraqi Shiites whereby they lived under a tyrannical doctrine  before 2003.

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