Ahmed Awayiz (Assistant Director)

About The Author

Department of Arabic Language and its Art
Faculty of Arts – University of Kufa
University of Kufa, Kufa, PO. Box (21), Najaf Governorate, Iraq
Tel. +964 (780) 286-5744 (IRAQ)
[email protected]

Dr. Ahmed Awayiz is the Assistant of the UNESCO Chair Executive Director at the University of Kufa and teaching staff member at the Faculty of Arts at the same university. He is an Academic specialized in the western critical theory and Hermeneutics, ( Theories of Interpreting Texts). He holds a Master Degree in Theories of Quranic Miracles and Modern Rhetoric, and PhD in Western Epistemology Interpretation Theory. He wrote many researches in various academic fields such as “Field of Interpretation, Reading texts, and Criticism” and some of them were published in local and international referred journal. Of his books are “Western Interpretational Mind, Approaches in Cognitive Regulations and Tracks” and “Interpretation of Memory and Imaginary. Dr. Awayiz taught in departments of Arabic, Philosophy, and English language at the Faculty of Arts.

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