Dr. Alaa Shatnan – Director of the UNESCO Chair

About The Author

Dr. Alaa Shatnan – Director of the UNESCO Chair
University of Kufa
Tel. +964 (773) 456-9401 (Iraq)
+33 (782) 014-488 (france)

Dr. Alaa Shatnan: Director of of UNESCO Chair for the Development of Interreligious Dialogue Studies in the Islamic World – University of Kufa.
PhD in General and Comparative Literature from Sorbonne University, Paris 3
Associate Researcher at the Center for Research and Comparative Studies CREC at Sorbonne University – Paris 3
Associate researcher in the research team for studies of general and comparative literature with the Arab world LGC-Monde arabe at Sorbonne University – Paris 3
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Languages, Department of French Language – University of Kufa
Scope of scientific activity: studies in comparative literature and comparison of civilizations, studies in postcolonialism, studies in literary theory and translation theory.
He has many academic activities, research and translated books

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