Hani Fahs Prize for Dialogue and Pluralism

Hani Fahs prize was founded in 2016 in collaboration between Saint Joseph University – Institute of Islamic and Christian Studies and UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa and other parties.

This year 2018, the prize was awarded to Dr. Tarek Mati, manager of Isam Fares Institute for Public Policies and International Affairs. Also, the Community of Sant’egidio won Hani Fahs Prize for the Defense of Pluralism. Whereas the Prize of Professional Appreciation Award went to both the team of film “For He IS A Man” and the Iraqi academic at the University of Kufa, Abdul-Ameer Zahid.

The ceremony was attended by important political, religious and academic figures. Among the Iraqi attendants were Sayd Jawad Al- Khoei, secretary general of Dar Al Alam Institute and Dr. Hassan Nadhem, the UNESCO Chairholder at Kufa University.




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