Jewish Theological Systemization in the Context of Islamic Culture Feb 23, 2015

List of participants

  1.  Ali Shahbamnzi (presenter)
  2. Hasan Nadhem (University of Kufa, Iraq)
  3. AbdulAmer Zahid (University of Kufa, Iraq)
  4. Yehuda Halper (Catholic University of America, USA)
  5. Breger, Marshal (Catholic University, USA)
  6. Emad Al Hilali
  7. Robert Destro (Catholic University of America, USA)
  8. Josef Stern
  9. Fatima Tofighi
  10. Alfred Ivory
  11. Ahmed Iravani (Center of the Study of Islam and the Middle East) (CSIM)
  12. Masoud Noori (CSIME)

Within the activities of  the UNESCO Chair for Development of Inter-Religious Dialogue Studies in the Islamic World, the University of Kufa convene a webinar on February 23, 2015 entitled “Jewish Theological Systemization in the Context of Islamic Culture” presented by Professor Ali Shahbazi. The study mainly tackled with the encounter between the Jewish culture and Iranian, Greek and Islamic culture. The webinar discussed how Islamic theology influenced Jewish theology since the Second Century AH, Eight Century EC.

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