Meeting Held by the President of the Republic of Iraq to Discuss the Need to Reform Iraq’s School Curriculum

Director of UNESCO Chair at University of KufaSayyedJawad al-Khoei attended a meeting  held by the President of the Republic of IraqDr. FuadMasumon October 10th 2016,he called this meeting to discuss the need to reform Iraq’s schools , and with growing tensions between sects and a visible religious divide a reformed curriculum can show the shared experiences of all Iraqis, and provide a basis for national reconciliation by promoting citizenship, national unity, values and by stressing the  importance of unity of Iraqis from different religious and cultural background  as this will  ensure victory over terrorism.

Dr. Masum praised the representatives of the Iraqi Council for Interreligious Dialogue to support and encourage projects to promote national unity and constructive dialogue among all religious and sectarian components in the country.


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