Seminar on “Tolerance from a Philosophical Perspective Monday 25/3/2019

The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at the University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, held a seminar entitled ” Tolerance from a Philosophical Point of View “. The seminar included a lecture delivered by Dr. Jawad Samari, a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, on a group of graduate and undergraduate students at the university.

In his lecture, Dr. Samari explained the concept of tolerance in terms of philosophy and its types, as well as its importance as a key element to create peaceful coexistence in society. The seminar aims at raising people’s awareness of the culture of tolerance, openness and accepting the other, in order to counter extremism and violence. The lecture is followed by discussions on the role that professors and students can play to raise people’s awareness of love and tolerance in society. Dr. Samari said that Iraqi society is desperately in need to spread the culture of tolerance since it strongly contributes to remove hatred from people’s hearts and consequently establishes for peaceful coexistence between individuals.

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