UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa participated in two meetings as part of the framework of the Adyan Institute’s project entitled “Counter Extremism Interreligious Alliance

UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa participated in two meetings as part of the framework of the Adyan Institute’s project entitled “Counter Extremism Interreligious Alliance. The first meeting was on the 19th-20th November 2015 which was attended by Chairholder of UNESCO Chair Sayed Jawad al-Khoei.

The second meeting was held on the 30th-31st January 2016 in Abu Dhabi where the Director of UNESCO Chair Dr. Hassan Nadhem participated with 14 high level experts from academic, religious, policy making and civil society backgrounds.  The outcomes of both meetings were to brainstorm and gather complementary approaches on the topic of prevention religious extremism and the increase of societal resilience towards it. A policy paper will be published (in English and Arabic) and disseminated for endorsement by religious and social leaders on the international level from the viewpoints of  Adyan Institute in Lebanon, Hedyah in UAE and the University of London and other expertise.




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