UNESCO Chair Co-organizes a Symposium On Dialogue Ethics and Cognitive Terms

On Wednesday 30/11/2022 the International Day of Philosophy, the UNESCO Chair and Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Kufa held a seminar called “Ethics and cognitive requirements of dialogue” in the hall of the Faculty of Arts. Many professors from the Philosophy Department attended.

At the beginning of the symposium, Dr. Alaa Shatnan, Director of the UNESCO Chair, read a message from Ms. Azoulay Audrey, Director of UNESCO, to the world, and especially to philosophers (professors, students, and practitioners), in which she talked about how important philosophy is and how UNESCO supports the teaching of philosophy and the spread of philosophical thinking in society.

The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at the University of Kufa gave certificates to the philosophy department professors to thank them for their sincere efforts to teach their students about philosophy and help spread awareness and philosophical thought in society.

Translated into English by Shaima Adnan.

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