UNESCO CHAIR Collaborates with Rutgers University to Host a Series of Lectures on Democratization at the Faculty of Political Sciences at University of Kufa.

The UNESCO Chair for the Development of Inter-religious Dialogue Studies in the Islamic World convened a series of lectures on “Democratization” at the faculty of Political Science presented by political consultants and academics, Professor Roland Rich and Professor Eric Davis from Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S.A.  


The seminar was held for a total of three days and split into several topics. Professor Eric discussed the “Origins of Democracy in Iraq, Iraqi Democracy after 2003 and the Social Requisites of Democracy”, Professor Roland Rich presented his lectures on “a Critique of Samuel Huntington’s work on Democratization, Democratization in the Global South and Can there be Democracy without Political Parties?”


The UNESCO Chair looks forward to collaborating more with Rutgers University in the future to help develop its program in teaching and research.

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