UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa in Collaboration with IREX- Interfaith and Intercultural Youth Camp Program

UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa in collaboration with Iraq University Linkages Program – IREX, welcomed youths from various parts of Iraq from different religious and cultural backgrounds to take part in the first ever Interfaith and Intercultural Youth Camp program of its kind at University of Kufa.

Youths were led by experts in the field of political science and conflict resolution, Dr. Eric Davis from Rutgers University, New jersey, USA and Dr. Aziz Sachedina from George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

Now days religious conflict is prominent issue all over the world, UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa took this opportunity to bring together young Iraqis to live, work and eat together for 5-days, this camp took place from December 10th to 15th 2016. Youths were able to participate in shared activities and observing each other’s traditions. The goals of this program was to have an interfaith dialogue to learn about other religious and cultural group and to build a community by increasing mutual understanding and good relations, identifying causes of tension among different religious and cultural people, and promoting peace building projects they can carry out when they return to their respective universities.

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