UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa, held a seminar with Dr. Mohammad Masjid Jamaei, the former Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican and Morocco. A panel discussion was also held and attended by a group of professors at the University of Kufa specializing in religious thought and Islamic history.

Dr. Mohamed Masjid Jamaei holds a PHD from Italy in Geopolitical science, and served as ambassador to his country in both the Vatican and Morocco and a member of the Scientific Institute of the International Studies Institute of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. He is a specialist in the study of comparative religions and doctrines in the Arab world and the political jurisprudence of Shiites and Sunnis.

The session was chaired by the President of University of Kufa Prof. Dr. Mahdi Al-Sahlawi and was moderated by the UNESCO Chair Director Dr. Hassan Nadhem.

The lecture focused on the religious and ethnic diversity in Iraq and the Middle East, stressing on the important role of religious figures in building bridges between communities, the professors asked questions and presented their criticism in a scientific and academic atmosphere

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