UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa Participated in a Workshop on Religious Education Curricula and its Challenges in the Kingdom of Morocco

UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa participated in a workshop in Rabat, Morocco, entitled “The Role of Religious Education in Promoting Peace and Fighting Violence”. This two day workshop from 1st– 2nd November 2016, wasorganized by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in partnership with the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).


During the workshop, Dr. Hassan Nadhem director of UNESCO Chair presented his thoughts on the contemporary approaches   to religious education curriculum, as well as the challenges and necessity to review and revise the curriculum, he addressed challenges and examplesthat are faced in the process of developing contemporary religious education in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon.



Dr. Hassan Nadhem stressed on the matter of religion and state in the Arab and Muslim world , whereby it seems that there is a disconnect between  religious education and the government and this can encourage and promote extremist ideologies to be taught in schools. He continued to discuss theimportance of creating a unified policy for religious education, in particular the Arab region, and to conductmore research in effective methodologies that can be used in schools to encourage peaceful coexistence and tolerance.


Many global speakers participated in this event, they all unanimously stressed on the importance of moderating and facilitating educational institutions to fight against violent extremism and radicalization.


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