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University of Kufa will Host Visiting Professor Dr.Amir Harrak from University of Toronto, Canada

An invitation for the postgraduate students at the University of Kufa,

We would like to inform you that the UNESCO chair at University of Kufa will host Professor Dr. Amir Harrak from University of Toronto in Canada to deliver a series of lectures on “A Comparative Study Between the Religious Texts: The Quran and The Bible.” The lectures will begin on May 5th 2016.

You will find below the following details of the schedule:

Location: University Council Hall: 10:30-12PM

First Lecture: The Relationship between Aramaic and the Arabic Language. (5/5/2016)

Location: Hall of the Faculty of Languages:  12.30-2PM

Second lecture: The Philological Analysis on the Aramaic Terminology found in the Quran. (6/5/2016)

Third Lecture: Image of Prophet Adam in the Quran and the Jesus Christ (the second Adam) in the Syriac Christian literature. (7/5/2016)

Fourth Lecture: Comparison between the People of the Cave in the Qur’an and the Christian Syriac Literature. (8/5/2016)

Fifth Lecture: Dhul-Qurnayn (Alexander the Great) in the Quran and the in the Syriac literature. (9/5/2016)

Sixth Lecture: The History of Syriac (Christian) and their importance in the study of the history of Iraq and the Middle East. (10/5/2016)


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