Visit Of A Delegation From Al – Azhar

Within the activities of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa, in coordination with the Center for African Studies at Ataba Abbasiya, the University of Kufa welcomed delegates from Al-Azhar University in Egypt. We were honoured to have welcomed Dr. Walid Mohammed Ramadan (Professor of Quranic Sciences in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif), Sheikh Mohammad Ramadan (Khatib), Sheikh Nashaat Zara (great imams in the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf) and Hamdi Abdel Moneim Rashed (readers of the Holy Qur’an). This event took place at the  Faculty of Jurisprudence at the University of Kufa in the presence of a number of its professors and academics. A discussion across the panellist and participants were held to highlight the common denominator of Muslims in present context. Participants in the dialogue expressed a desire to cooperate and work together. The meeting ended with a unified prayer and agreement to continue efforts for future meetings.

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