Director of Al-Adyan Foundation visits UNESCO Chair for Dialogue

A representative of the Lebanese Foundation (Al-Adyan Foundation ), Dr. Nayla Tabara, the winner of the Ibn Rushd Prize for Religious Freedom, visited the University of Kufa as part of their effort to strengthen their partnership with the UNESCO chair, particularly the major project (building citizenship and good governance in Iraq).

Professor Yasir Lafta Hassoun, the president of Kufa University, greeted her. He explained to her the activities of the UNESCO Chair at the University and its role in activating dialogue and accepting others; he was emphasizing that the Chair addressed attempts to put out sectarianism and sedition by sowing the concepts of peaceful coexistence, citizenship, and region and renouncing a culture of violence.

Dr. Tabara visited the UNESCO Chair Office at Kufa University and confirmed that the Al-Adyan Foundation continued to cooperate with the Chair on the project (Building Citizenship and Good Governance in Iraq) in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation signed between the parties.

Translated into English by Shaima Adnan.

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