The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue, in cooperation with the French Institute in Baghdad, was conducting a symposium entitled “Le Coran des historiens “.

With an official and academic presence that included both the Minister of Culture Dr. Hassan Nazem, the French Ambassador in Iraq, Mr. Bruno Hubert, the President of the University Kufa, Prof. Yasir Lafta Hassoun. The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at the University of Kufa in cooperation with the French Institute in Baghdad organized a symposium entitled “Le Coran des historiens “. In the series of seminars about Islamic science, which the parties agreed to organize. Professor Mohamed Ali Amir Moezzi talked about his author (Le Coran des historiens) recently published in Paris under his supervision and the supervision of Professor Guillaume Dye, University of Brussels. Dr. Abdul Ameer Zahid of the University of Kufa participated in the symposium.  Professor Moezzi spoke in his lecture about the historical-geographical and religious contexts of the genesis of the Holy Koran, as a sixth and seventh century historical, literary, and religious document, deeply rooted in the former monotheistic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Judaism – Christianity and Manichaeism.. etc.).
Translated into English by shaima adnan

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