The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue Participates in Conference (Iraqi National Dialogue).

 Dr. Alaa Shatnan, the Director of the UNESCO Chair participated in the events of the Conference Iraqi National Dialogue. where Conference Held in Baghdad for two days from 29 to 30 May, with the broad participation of civil society organizations, government institutions, members of parliament, and representatives of all religions, doctrines, and nationalities in Iraq. The conference sessions focused on the country, citizens, Iraqi identity, diversity management, democracy, and the upcoming elections. The Chair participated in the third table event, which discussed (the diverse Iraqi identity and how to employ diversity in institution building). The UNESCO Chair put forward seven recommendations and proposals adopted by the Conference centered on the experience of the Chair and Kufa University in activities contributing to the reduction of extremism and hate speech and on the importance of preserving heritage as a means of preserving diversity in Iraq.
Translated into English by shaima adnan

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