The UNESCO Chair Participates in an International Conference on Philosophy and Coexistence

 Dr. Zeid Abbas Al-Kubaisi, representative of the UNESCO Chair for Dialogue, participated in the 10th International Philosophical Conference (Philosophy and Coexistence) held on Tuesday, 17/5/2022, in his research (religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the phenomenological tradition of religion). The research examined ways of tolerance and coexistence in the phenomenological approach to religion, which is based on the notion of the sacred as a phenomenon that is empirically dealt with in order to describe it and identify the structures in its formation, thereby moving away from the criticism that is likely to infuriate others and cause them to treat religious experiences as emotional experiences that should be sympathized with, suspending any judgment towards them and merely understanding them as a human reality.
Translated into English by Shaima Adnan.

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