UNESCO Chair Participates in The Conference (International Day of Education)

UNESCO Chair at Kufa University participated in the International Day of Education conference organized by the Nahrin Center for Strategic Studies under the auspices of the National Security Adviser on Monday, January 23, 2023, in Baghdad. The conference was held under the theme “Education is the foundation for peacebuilding and strengthening national security”.

The UNESCO Chair participated in the conference with a paper presented by the Director of the UNESCO Chair, Dr. Alaa Shattnan (Trails of International Organisations in Education: UNESCO and the World UNESCO Chair Network), which spoke of UNESCO’s role in supporting the development of education in the world. It was based on the most important themes of the Third Higher Education Conference held in Barcelona and the organisation’s vision for the development of education according to the 2030 Plan.

Many papers were also presented, sponsored by the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Archaeology; the Adviser on Strategic Affairs of the National Security Adviser; the Scientific Adviser of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; and the Women’s Empowerment department of the National Security. The conference concluded with recommendations that promote educational development in Iraq.

Translated into English by Shaima Adnan

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