Ayad Khalaf Hussein

About The Author

Dr. Ayad Khalaf Hussein ( Consultant)
Faculty of Political Sciences – University of Kufa
University of Kufa, Kufa, PO. Box (21), Najaf Governorate, Iraq
[email protected]

Assistant Professor in Political thought / Faculty of Political Sciences- University of Kufa.

BA:Political Science 2003 / Faculty of Political Science /University of Baghdad
MA:Political Science “Islamic though” 2007/ Faculty of Political Science /University of Baghdad MA thesis title is “Dialectical materialist method in the study of Islamic thought”
PHD: Political Science 2011 / Faculty of Political Science /University of Baghdad, PHD these title is “The Civil State In the Contemporary Islamic Political Thought”.
Research Interest
Contemporary Islamic political thought.
Contemporary Islamic movements.
Democratic transition in Arabic world.
Iraq politics after 2003.
Teaching Interests
Islamic Political Thought
Modern and Old Western Political Thought
Third world politics
Published Articles
Problematic of Absence of Building Philosophy of Building State in Iraq After 2003/ Kufa journal/ No 4 autumn 2013
Problematic of Building Nation State in Iraq After 2003
Problematic of Applying sharaa in Contemporary State / alMontada journal 2012
watheqat al madenaa:Constitutive model for the state of tolerance in Islamic political heritage/ publish in book “wathegate al madenaa”/ kufa studies center /university of kufa 2012
Hadi al alAwee and Rereading IslamicPolitical Heritage. journal of al thakafa al jadeda
Iraq Democracy Without Liberalists/ magazine of fiqer hure
new reading for “aljhad”:Document rationalize Jihad in Egypt and the world
Ambiguous concepts in the political discourse of the Iraqi
Books edited
“Problematic of Democratic Transition in Iraq 2003” published by Iraqi Political Science Associations.
qualification of youth researches , Institution of Strategic Studies, Beirut-Lebanon 2008
strategic planning and administration/ American University Sulaymaniyah-Iraq 2013
Institutional activities
member of Iraqi Political Science Association
member of The National Forum for Thought and Cultural Research
member of editorial board of al Montada journal

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