High Level Meeting on Intercultural and Inter-Religious Dialogue, Barcelona, Spain 23 July, 2015


The UNESCO Chair for the Development of Inter-Religious Dialogue Studies in the Islamic World at the University of Kufa has received an invitation to participate in a high-level meeting on intercultural and inter-Religious Dialogue in Barcelonan, Spain. The UNESCO Chairholder Dr. Hassan Nadhem, represented the UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa and attended the important event. The meeting combined representatives from the central international institutes mandated for intercultural and interreligious dialogue and prominent personalities including religious leaders, and leading regional programs involved in interfaith affairs and cultural relations.

The meeting provided a great opportunity which lets the participants to engage in general discussions on the main challenges of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It is also considered as a very significant tool to spread peace and understanding among all religions and cultures and upholding values of peace and tolerance. The event concluded with many contributions submitted by the participants which will be applied in collaboration between them to achieve the goals of the event.


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