Lecture on Challenges of Dialogue Experience between East and West

UNESCO Chair, Faculty of Arts,
30th September.

The UNESCO Chair for the Development of Inter-religious Dialogue Studies in the Islamic World convened a lecture on the challenges of dialogue experience between the east and the west. Professor Nadim Nassar, a pastor from the Anglican Church in London, presented debatable issues regarding the interreligious dialogue challenges faced by both the eastern and western societies and how to overcome these challenges to establish a coherent society. Pastor Nassar emphasized that the biggest challenge is that how to change from words dialogues level into a higher level of life dialogue and creating realistic shared life. Moreover, Pastor Nassar pointed out many questions such as: “Do we accept in our eastern culture that religious diversity to be the way that rules our shared life? Also, Do we have the right language that allows us to dialogue the other”. The lecture was very interactive and many attendees engaged in discussions about the raised points trying to reach out many conclusions that contribute to spread peace and love among diverse communities in our nations.

The lecture acquired a great importance for its vital essence and influence on the society; therefore, it was attended by many Iraqi professors and students interested in interreligious dialogue studies and others.

Lecture on Challenges of Dialogue Experience between East and West Nadim Nassar

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