Ms. Noor Ahmed Ismail

About The Author

Ms. Noor Ahmed Ismail
University of Kufa
Tel. +964 (772) 566-5898 (Iraq)
Executive Director of the “Intellectual Studies” book series, issued by the UNESCO Chair for Dialogue – University of Kufa. This series is concerned with publishing books in the field of interreligious dialogue studies and cultural and religious pluralism, as well as other human sciences.
Ms. Noor holds a master’s degree in Arabic with a grade of very good – Department of Arts – University of Kufa – Iraq
She got her BA degree in Arabic Language and Literature – Department of Arts – University of Damascus – Syria
Ms. Noor is a searcher in the field of literature and criticism, and a member of the editorial board of the “Intellectual Studies” series. Also, she has many other duties at the UNESCO Chair. Among her duties and activities at the UNESCO Chair are the organization of workshops and lectures in the fields of pluralism and dialogue. As a researcher, she has many published researches, including: “Cultural pluralism, a Study of the Political Model”. She has published a book entitled Tendencies of Cultural Pluralism in the Fourth Century AH, issued in 2019.

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