UNESCO Chair For Dialogue Holds A Scientific Symposium Entitled “Hate Speech and Cyberbullying – Philosophical Therapies In View Of Applied Ethics”

The UNESCO Chair, in collaboration with the Philosophical Studies Department of Beit Al-Hakma, held a scientific symposium at the Faculty of Languages Hall at Kufa University on Sunday, 29/5/2022 in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages‏, ‏‏‎Dr.Wiaam Albayati.
The symposium addressed the problem of hate speech and cyberbullying in social media and the effective role of the United Nations and UNESCO to reduce it. The symposium discussed technical means to deter them as well as their implications for the security of the state and society, and the legal frameworks for addressing them in accordance with Iraqi law.
Four papers were discussed at the symposium with the participation of Dr. Alaa Shatnan, the director of the UNESCO chair at Kufa University, In his paper (Hate Speech/UN Concepts and Iraqi Statistical Field Studies).
Then Dr. Salam Hassan, the Dean of the Faculty of Computer science and Mathematics, and the title of his paper (the possibility of fighting hate speech electronically), Dr. Raed Abbis, Professor of Contemporary Philosophy of Thought, and the title of his paper (Virtual Masks and the Scenes of Truth-Ethical Strategies Between Disclosure and Reservation), then Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Al-Selawi, Professor of Law at the University of Kufa, and the title of his paper (Applied Attitude of Iraqi Law on Cyberbullying).
The symposium was managed by Dr. Zeid Abbas Karim from UNESCO chair and Muhannad Abdul Hasanin of Beit al-Hakma.
At the end of the symposium,  certificates were distributed to the symposium participants.
Translated into English by Shaima Adnan.

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