UNESCO Chair Participates in a Symposium on The Promotion of Cultural Variety in Iraq.

Dr. Alaa Shatnan ,The Director of the UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at Kufa  University participated in the symposium organized by the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities about ( Promotion of Cultural Variety in Iraq and Its Impact on Enriching Our National Identity) on the evening of Wednesday, 29 December 2021.
The symposium hosted the cardinal Louis Raphael Sacco patriarch of Babylon, Iraq.  He emphasized in his  lecture  that the variety of religions, communities, doctrines, nationalities and languages, intermingling and globalization is a global phenomenon, so the theme of coexistence is the common concern of peoples, by ensuring the unity and variety of society, the cohesion of the national and to live together in interaction and harmony.
He also added: There could be no pluralism without the presence of Christians, Muslims, Mandaean, Yazidis and others. This qualitative variety contributes to social cohesion and affection. Cardinal Sacco addressed several topics relevant to Iraq’s cultural variety. The debate was enriched by intellectual, religious and academic elites from Iraq and abroad, with the presence of Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities
Dr. Hassan Nazim, and D. Hussein Al-Hindawi, advisor to the Iraqi prime minister.
Translated into English by Shaima Adnan

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