UNESCO Chairholder at the University of Kufa participated in the Cultural Dialogue Forum in Azerbaijan

The UNESCO Chairholder at the University of Kufa, Dr. Hassan Nadhem, participated in the Fourth Cultural Dialogue Forum in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, 4-5 May 2017, which is one of the most important international forums. It was attended by 850 participants, offering 200 lectures through 40 sessions with the participation of 4 international organizations, all invited by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan. Dr. Hassan Nadhem gave a lecture at a session organized by UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut entitled “Youth and the fight against violent extremism through education”.

His second participation was at the UNESCO Chairs second World Conference, where a series of activities were agreed upon, most notably the writing of a course on religious education to be presented to UNESCO for publication and co-ordination in educational institutions in different countries.

And the third was launching a book that was planned for at Baku Forum in 2015, and was published and launched at Baku Forum 2017 in the presence of the UNESCO Secretary-General Irina Bokova, entitled “Interculturalism at the Crossroads: Comparative Perspectives on Concepts”.

The conference was organized by the Azerbaijani government, UNESCO, ISESCO, KAISED and the Islamic Cooperation Organization, and was broadcasted by the most important television and satellite channels in the world as well as the United Nations website.


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