A new book on multiculturalism in the Arab-Islamic heritage by the UNESCO Chair for Dialogue

The UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at the University of Kufa published a new book entitled “Trends of Multiculturalism in the fourth century AH”. This book is the first of its kind to study this topic. Also, it is one of the first works of the Iraqi researcher Noor Ismail.

This book, a thesis for Noor’s master’s degree in Arabic language and literature, deals with the manifestations of multiculturalism in Arab heritage in the fourth century AH. It offers a unique opportunity to discuss trends that emerged in this fertile century of Islamic civilization, to meet knowledgeably of pluralistic practices at the political and cultural levels, and to cross the limits explored by the richness that can be achieved from different cultures. On the other hand, the book implicitly points to the challenges facing our societies today of fanaticism and extremism and living in isolated communities that have struck themselves in fear, fear and demonization.

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