“Living Heritage in Times of Conflict and Displacement”

UNESCO Chair for Dialogue at the University of Kufa, in cooperation with Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), held an international workshop entitled “Living Heritage in Times of Conflict and Displacement”, in which a group of international and Iraqi experts specialized in the conservation and protection of monuments participated.

“We organized a workshop on preserving the endangered heritage of Iraq, which includes the tangible and intangible heritage of rituals and the customs and traditions of endangered people. We have invited Iraqi and international academics and experts from Iraqi universities,” said Dr. Hassan Nadhem, Director of UNESCO Chair at University of Kufa.

The workshop included field visits organized by the Imam Ali shrine and the Kufa Mosque to view the archaeological sites in these religious places, in addition to a tour of the Dar Al-Ilm Foundation for Imam Al-Khoei, where the closing session was held.

It is worth mentioning that this workshop was established under a joint cooperation agreement between the University of Kufa and the French Embassy in Baghdad to provide the cost of establishing this workshop at the University of Kufa.

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