Visit the officials of Al-Bayt Foundation in Turkey and Spain to the University of Kufa

Sheikh Anwar Shan Rahmani, President of Al-Bayt Foundation of the Higher Religious Reference Office in Najaf, visited the University of Kufa and met with Dr. Mohsen Al-Dhalmi, University President, Dr. Tahseen Fadel and Hassan Al-Sarraf, Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair.

Sheikh Rahmani reviewed all the activities of the university and visited the Office of the UNESCO Chair for Interfaith Dialogue and briefed on his activities aimed at spreading the culture of pluralism and moderation.

He expressed his full readiness to provide any assistance in all aspects of the symposium, to hold a seminar on religious participants in the divine religions.

On the other hand, the following day, Mr. Musa Al-Aseem, Director of the Al-Bayt branch in the Spanish capital of Madrid, met with the administrative assistant Dr. Mehdi Al-Sahlawi, the Director of the Central Library and the Advisor to the UNESCO Chair Dr. Ali Naji. An agreement was reached on the contribution of the institution to the establishment of the conference to be held in cooperation with the other branches of the Al-Bayt Foundation in Najaf, Mosul and Istanbul.

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