IREX Youth Participant Co-organized Event on “Cultural Identity in Iraq”

IREX youth participant Ahmed Sabah and Noor Khuzai both students from the College of Engineering organized and cohosted a conference on cultural identity at university of Kufa on the 20th March 2017. The youth used their network contacts to create a meaningful event on interfaith and intercultural topics that are relevant to the current situation of religious conflict and the youth in Iraq.

Assistant professor Dr. Ali Naji who has contributed greatly to the cause of bridging gaps between disparate communities, encouraged the students to continue to participate and create projects related to celebrating cultural diversity, as this conference demonstrates that there is an interest amongst the youth for positive change in Iraq.

Iraqi Cultural Attaché Counsellor in UK, Dr. Hassan al-Alak discussed the importance of diversity in Iraq experiences from the west and their perspectives.

Ahmed also discussed his own experience on the field of peaceful coexistence that was a result of the Interfaith and intercultural youth camp.

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